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dgm_fuh_q Character List
Cross god mod
Character x Akuma
Character x Allen Walker
Character x Anita
Character x Arystair Krory III
Character x Bak Chan
Character x Bookman
Character x Cash Dopp
Character x Chaoji Han
Character x Chomesuke
Character x Cyril Camelot
Character x Daisya Barry
Character x Eliade
Character x Fiddler (Noah)
Character x General Cloud Nyne
Character x General Cross Marian
Character x General Froi Tiedoll
Character x General Kevin Yeegar
Character x General Winters Zokalo
Character x Goushi (crow)
Character x Guzol
Character x Hevlaska
Character x Howard Link
Character x LaLa
Character x Lavi
Character x Lenalee Lee
Character x Lou Fa
Character x LuLu Bell
Character x Jasdero and Devit (Jasdevi)
Character x Jerry
Character x Johnny Gil
Character x Kiredori (crow)
Character x Komui Lee
Character x Madarao (crow)
Character x Malcolm Rouvelier
Character x Mana Walker
Character x Maria
Character x Maxima (Noah)
Character x Millenium Earl
Character x Mightra (Noah)
Character x Mimi
Character x Miranda Lotto
Character x Noise Marie
Character x Nurse
Character x Reever Wenham
Character x Renee Epstein
Character x Rikei
Character x Road Camelot
Character x Shifu
Character x Skin Bolic
Character x Suman Dark
Character x Tapp Dopp
Character x Tevak (crow)
Character x The 14th
Character x Timothy Hearst
Character x Tokusa (crow)
Character x Toma
Character x Tried (Noah)
Character x Tyki Mikk
Character x Wisely
Character x Yu Kanda
Character x Zhu Mei Chan
Character x


Character x Alma Karma
Character x Chicken
Character x Innocence
Character x Komurin
Character x Monkey ('Lau')
Character x Mugen
Character x Relo
Character x Timcanpy

Please feel free to suggest any characters that we may have missed, or characters that you think are too minor to be included and we'll take it under consideration. Thank you!

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(Screened comment)
(Screened comment)
Starting tomorrow, the participants will be claiming which character from the list that they would like to pair with the month's featured character, so if they want to claim someone who is not on the list, they will definitely have to notify us in order to make the claim. If that happens, we would put that character on the list for that month.

We mods will discuss whether or not humanized versions of crack characters will be allowed (that's a good question, and it's not something that we considered, to tell you the truth). The comm is still quite new, so it's inevitable that we'll have to work out a few kinks before it runs perfectly smoothly. We'll get back to you on that one.

We need to keep the list as simple as possible (it's already very long), so we will not include different versions of characters as separate entities unless someone specifically asks for it. That is not to say that we cannot make a month's featured character the alternate version of said character for kicks, and selfcest is definitely allowed. If Lavi is the month's featured character, participants will be able to choose to pair Lavi with Lavi if they want, and then can make the other Lavi into Deak. That would be fine.

Also, if the featured character happens to have an alternate identity/form, we would be able to put that alternate identity on the list for that month.

lol! Threats! No worries, Tokusa and Madarao will not be removed from the list. At this point in the story they have tangible enough roles to warrant inclusion. :)

Okay, as for the question of humanized forms of non-human 'characters', we will allow it. Thanks!

A little update night be needed XD

Lol dgm_mod, you're missing a name in the charatcer master list, at the end right before the start of the bonus list XDDD

I came in there to propose the addition of the character Fou in the master list. She's played a huge part in restoring Allen's Innocence when he stayed at the Asian Branch, so it'd be great if people could give her some attention too~

The huge Finder named Gozu, who though my not have appeared for long in the anime, still has a bond with Kanda, an exploit considering the samurai does not let anyone in usually. Just for that I think he should be added too~

The Finder Doug as well should be added - he was Lavi's first friend and served as a cataclyst to open the Bookman's eyes to the reality that he may not be totally heartless like he wants to be. Plus his life ends tragically, so people have some background to write on~

Also, I'm confused about the way you've displayed the Innocences in the bonus list. Mugen and Lau Min are two Innocences and yet they are separate from the overall Innocence category where Crown Clown, Dark Boots, Tsukikami and Odzuchi Kozuchi reside. If Kanda and Cloud's innocences are separate entities, shouldn't it be the same for the other Innocences as well?

To finish, I think that the characters Fiddler, Maxima and Mightra should be taken off the master list (for a moment, not permanently). It's not that I don't like them but it's just that there's barely any information about these three Noahs. The people don't have much ground to write on, ya know?

Plus, shouldn't Alma Karma be in the master charatcer list now?

Hope I haven't offensed any of you by bringing these things up...

Re: A little update night be needed XD

Thanks for your suggestions. I'll add Fou to the list (I thought she was already in there). Doug was put on the list a while ago because one of our members wanted to pair him with Lavi. The list is already long enough, and we say every month that if a character isn't on there, to let us know you want to porn them and we would put them on the list.

The bonus list has been eliminated now that we've started DGMFQ up again.

Alma Karma has been on the list for months. This list isn't up to date. I suggest you look at the one that is on the actal sign up sheet to see what characters are and are not included.

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