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Prompt Round Rules
Cross god mod
1. All submissions must be clearly labeled in the following way:

The subject line of the submission should indicate 'Art' or 'Fic', the Prompt Round #, Title and Rating.

In the body:

Word Count: (for fanfics*)
Any Warnings:
Theme/Prompt being used:

The rest of the submission must go under an lj cut.

*If you don't have a word processor with a word count feature you can use an online word counter.

2. All submissions must be in by the announced deadline. Reminders will be posted. You are welcome to submit a piece of work after the deadline just to share.

3. You may only submit items that were specifically created for this challenge and have not been posted elsewhere prior to submission. You may repost your work to other communities after your initial post here. Only fanwork that was created for the dgm_fuh_q community may be posted here. No introduction posts or promotions will be permitted.

4. There are no content or rating restrictions, but you must supply appropriate warnings for your work. (Sexual content, violence, strong language, adult themes, character death, etc.). Although dgm_fuh_q is a smut community, since the Prompt Round entries will be open to more than just smut, the use of proper labelling and use of warnings is VERY IMPORTANT! Please label your work as "Work/Child Safe" or "Not Work/Child Safe" when posting, and let us know if there is any possibly objectionable content such as shota or incest, etc.

5. Image manipulations, graphics, icons, and tracings are not eligible to fulfill prompts. All fanart should be original work.

6. Fanfiction submissions for the Prompt Rounds must include a minimum of 100 words. There is no maximum word count. Fanart is more subjective, but it must be an intelligible sketch at minimum.

7. You are permitted and encouraged to post more than one submission for a Prompt Round, but all submissions should be posted separately in their own entries.

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